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Foot, Knee, Hip, Low Back Pain? Plantar Fasciitis?


Having flat feet, pronation or supination of the foot, a high arch, or a foot bone misalignment can lead to these conditions.

To learn more about these conditions, scroll to the bottom of this page and view the "Foot Issue Diagram" or watch the short video on why you need orthotics to fix the problem. 


Proper foot alignment is the foundation for alignment of the rest of your body. Our team can help support that through custom made orthotics. 


Orthotics offered at our clinic are custom molded to your foot. By doing this, the orthotic can help correct ailments associated with foot problems.


Text or call Dr. J at 303-521-0130 to schedule an appointment, and make sure to mention it will be for an orthotic consultation. 



Our Orthotics are Custom Made for:

  •    Running shoes
  •    High heels
  •    Flats
  •    Work / Dress Shoes
  •    Sports cleats (soccer, baseball)
  •    Ski  Snowboard boots
  •    Hockey Skates

Here is Our Orthotic Catalog:

Orthotic Catalog, Inserts for High-heels, tennis / work shoes, flats, running, sandals and more...
Click here to download Catalog
Orthotics for all occations Catalog.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [4.2 MB]

More Information About Orthotics:


Diagram on why a "foot issue" can cause foot, knee, hip, low back pain
Why a foot issue can cause leg and back [...]
Adobe Acrobat document [4.9 MB]

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