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Brain Health

If you break your leg, you wear a cast and rest while your body heals. If you "break" your brain, it is much harder to heal because you can never let the brain fully "rest."


It is even more vital to fix the problem at its source, because brain health determines body health. 


Functional Medicine can alleviate many brain health problems through proper nutrition, supplements and supporting the body's natural healing mechanisms.


If you, or someone you care about, struggles with:

  -ADD / ADHD  -Concussions
  -Brain Fog

-Behavioral Changes / Disturbances

  -Lack of Focus -Trouble Concentrating
  -Autism -Asperger's
  -Anxiety -Loss of Lack of Social Intelligence

-Downs Syndrome

  -Developmental Delays  -Stress
  -Insomnia -Sleep Apnea
  -Post Traumatic Stress -Alzheimer's Disease
  -Traumatic Brain Injury -Stroke Injury


Dr. J. Alvarez can help you determine a brain health care plan that suits your individual needs. Contact us at 303-521-0130 or contact@elevation.sportsmed.com to schedule an appointment.

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