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Gastro-Intestinal (Stomach) / Detox Protocol

Many people have a "Busted Gut" from:

  •    Stress
  •    Side effects of medications
  •    Poor diet
  •    Inflammatory foods
  •    H-Pylori (bacteria) in the gut
  •    Overgrowth of other bacteria
  •    Decreased Peristalic Movement of your gut 
  •    Spasmed valves (cardiac, pyloric, and ileocecal valves)


There are many other "issues" that can cause a busted gut.  


Your gut plays a roll in many bodily functions, including your immune system, absorbing the nutrients to fuel your body, and influences other organ systems. If gut function decreases, gut pain, and other health issues can surface. 


Visit our nutrition page to read more about how we can help a "busted gut."


Improving gut function can improve your:

  •    Sleep patterns
  •    Immunity
  •    Recovery from injuries and illness
  •    Energy levels
  •    Respond to weight loss more efficiently 
  •    Will help decrease inflammation
  •    And many other ailments 


Text (or call) us at 303-521-0130 so we can get you started on rebuilding your gut to health.


Check out this page on Detox:

click here for the DETOX product information / literature
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