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"Busted Gut"

Many people have a "Busted Gut"


This occurs from:

  •    Stress
  •    Side effects of medications
  •    Poor diet
  •    Inflammatory foods
  •    H-Pylori (bacteria) in the gut
  •    Overgrowth of other bacteria
  •    Decreased Peristalic Movement of your gut 
  •    Spasmed valves such as the cardiac, pyloric,    and ileocecal valves


   There are many other "issues" that can cause a          busted gut.  


Your gut plays a roll in your immune system, absorbing the nutrients to fuel your body, and so many more functions that should a persons gut function decrease, gut pain, and other health issues can surface. 


Visit our nutrition page to read more about how we can help a "busted gut"


Note:  Improving gut function can improve your:

  •    Sleep patterns
  •    Immunity
  •    Recovery from injuries and illness
  •    Energy levels
  •    Respond to weight loss more efficiently 
  •    Will help decrease Inflammation
  •    And many other ailments 


Message (text) us (or call) so we can get you started on rebuilding your gut to health.






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