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Supplements & Nutraceuticals For You and Your Dog

Our clinic can order you a wide range of supplements and nutraceuticals. This includes multi-vitamins, Omega-3, Vitamin D, Greens and Protein among many other helpful dietary supplements.


With Dr. J's guidance, anyone is eligible to start on supplements to suport the body's overall functional health. 

Don't Forget Your Furry Friends!


We can also order supplements for your dogs! Supplements for your furry friends can support heart, joint and coat health.



Nutraceuticals: Specialty Supplements


To be perscribed the correct Nutraceuticals, blood testing may be ordered. Once we understand your blood chemistry, we can determine if a nutraceutical would benefit you.


Some Examples: 


If the labs determine your immune system is low, we would recommend pharmaceutical grade supplements (nutraceuticals) to boost your system.


If the labs determine your Gastro-intestinal system is not digesting foods properly, we would recommend a specialty supplement that will help you digest your foods.


There are many other cases where nutraceuticals could be beneficial, based on each individual's metabolic needs and lab results.


Other Reasons to Order Blood Labs:

  -Insomnia -Fatigue
  -Belly Fat 

-Unexplained Weight Loss

  -Visceral Pain -Hormone Imbalances
  -Stress -Pre Diabetes


Click here to learn more about functional medicine and nutraceuticals. 


Dr. J. Alvarez (303-521-0130) will work with you to order the best labs for your needs. For more information on labs, click on the tab "Blood Labs" on the lefthand sidebar.

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