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Supplements & Nutraceuticals For You and Your Dog

We provide a wide range of supplements and nutraceuticals for you and your pet. 


Supplements  range from multi-vitamins to Omega-3, Vitamin D, Greens and Protein and many others


Supplements can be taken by anyone and are designed to support your bodies overall functional health.




These are specialty supplements.  


To be perscribed the correct Nutraceuticals, blood testing (blood labs) may be ordered.   Once we have your blood chemistry, we review with you anything in the blood lab results that would require putting you on a nutraceutical.


Example:  If the labs determine your immune system is low, we would recommend pharmaceutical grade supplements (nutraceuticals) to boost your system.


If the labs determine your Gastro-intestinal system is not digesting foods properly, we would recommend a specialty supplement that will help you digest your foods.


There are many more examples, and each person is different with their need, all dependent on your blood chemistry results. 


Fatigue, belly fat, weight loss, not sleeping well, visceral pain, hormone imbalances, pre-diabetic, stress and many other examples that would be a reason to order blood labs.


Click here to learn more about functional medicine and nutraceuticals. 




Dr. Alvarez will work with you to order the best labs for you. (click on the tab "blood labs"  for more information).


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